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Prism is a full-service digital marketing agency to help businesses and organizations get the biggest bang from their buck in today’s vibrant multi- engagement landscape.

Our three-stage engagement helps you reach out to your consumers virtually and make a real impact


When Prism meets digital marketing, expect surprises! We ideate, innovate and help you explore a galaxy of opportunities for your brand, your business or simply your passion project to make you not just visible, but sparkle amid the digital.


Whether you are a brick-and-mortar entrepreneur seeking convenience and more outreach online, own an online business or are an influencer, we will invest time in you, identify with your goals and give you bespoke solutions so that together we can build something solid and sustainable.


With more and more people accessing cheaper and faster Internet, digital marketing is your answer to growing your brand and business beyond your wildest dreams. At Prism, we want digital marketing to help increase your brand’s reach, recall and return on investment. Let the hits, clicks and views translate to solid relationships!

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Founders Ambalika Das and Aadrika Mishra on being the A Team!
Women entrepreneurs from two generations, they have contrasting temperaments and are each other’s PRISM .

Ambalika Das

I’m a passionate entrepreneur who believes in using technology to build businesses beyond borders and I walk the talk! I’m the managing director of Green Reef Pvt Ltd(www.greenreeflive.com) and offshore director of Green Reef Corporation, Canada (www.greenreefdigital.com), with offices in Kolkata, Mumbai and Ottawa (Canada).

Aadrika Mishra

Every brand tells a story, and it is this narrative that has always captivated me. With over five years of experience at Genesis and Leo Burnett, I am passionate about uncovering what drives consumer affinity and loyalty towards brands. My career has been dedicated to building and nurturing brands across diverse sectors, including FMCG, real estate, and automobile to name a few.
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